BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST) Now a Member of Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce

BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST) was formed four months ago at the end of October 2017 to tackle important environmental engineering challenges across the US and Canada, and to accelerate market adoption of BioLargo, Inc.'s disruptive life sciences platform technologies. Since that time, we have served a growing number of clients in the manufacturing, environmental products, and energy industries by employing world class environmental engineering protocols and by selecting industry-leading tools and technologies to get the job done. 2018 has started off most auspiciously for our team, and we are excited to keep building our company and serving more clients.

This week BLEST had the honor of becoming a member company of the Chamber of Commerce of our headquarters home town, Oak Ridge Tennessee. This marks a renewed effort by our company to be involved in local initiatives and events.

Our President and CEO, Randall Moore gives his thoughts on BLEST's membership in the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, "We at BLEST, being a newly formed arm of BioLargo, and being long time residents of the area, saw immediately the benefits of joining the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce.  Beyond the norms of civic and corporate responsibility, which we hold as critically important to our company and the community where we reside, we are keenly aware of the special nature and history of Oak Ridge and just how important it is to support and celebrate our common heritage.   It was clear  to us that the Chamber provided the best possible arena to share our capabilities, our expertise and our values with our neighbors and serve as a platform to launch the company to the local market.".